Company Policy – DOT – Transportation Company – FMCSR

About Company Policy, the Transportation business is highly regulated by Federal Law which is set down in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations, FMCSR.

In some cases, State Law can have even more stringent laws over not just transportation but Employment Practices, this is why you need a Company Policy. 

For instance, some states want to Reclassify what was normally considered an owner-operator to an employee status which would make it impossible for some companies to stay in business.

Others make it very difficult to terminate or disqualify a driver who may receive several driving complaints without proof until it is too late and they become involved in a catastrophic accident. 

The key to a good Company Policy for Drivers is to put it in writing, in the form of a Driver Manual, Explain it to them in the orientation and have them sign for the manual as proof that they received it and had it explained to them. 

This will protect you in the event you need to Disqualify them as a driver.

Your company policy should include details of acceptable practices and what is unacceptable under your company guidelines, as well as consequences for violations of the policies. This is an added protection for your company. 

State and Federal Laws and the CSA scores may provide a point system for government intervention or fines for exceeding violations but do not state whether or not you can continue to use a driver with multiple Unsafe Driving Citations, Maintenance Violations, or At Fault accidents. 

These are items that should be included in your company policy as a protection should an employee exceed what your company and your Insurance Carrier deems acceptable. 

Suggestions as to what to include:

Driver Qualifications


Driver Professionalism

Consequences for Roadside Violations & Scale Inspections

Roadside Reporting Requirements

Out of Service, OOS.

Equipment Maintenance

Personal Conveyance/Adverse Driving Conditions

Pre Trip and Post Trip Inspections

Cell Phone Use


Radar Detector Policy

Seat Belt Policy

Fire Arms Prohibited

Speed Limit Policy

No Passing Policy

Moving Violation Convictions

Suspended or Revoked License

CDL vs Non-CDL

Offensive Slogans or Graphics are Prohibited

Securing Equipment against Movement

Vehicular Accidents

Preventable Accidents

Accidents Events which may result in Disqualification

Fuel Spills

Vehicle Maintenance

Fuel Cards

As we always say, if you want more information about Company Policy, we have a teachable video with more detailed information about every single item your company policy should have and how to do it.

Hit the link below to see our teachable video, and remember at any point you can hire us to do it for you, let us help protect your company so you can enjoy peace of mind.