We provide Safety Consulting, Our goal is to give you Peace of Mind

We provide Safety Consulting. The first step is to meet with you to discuss and evaluate your needs based upon your current history and CSA Scores. Do you currently have a Conditional or Unsatisfactory Rating? Are you 30, 60, or 90 days out from your Insurance Renewal and you have CSA scores that are in Alert? Let us help to put you back on track!


First Meeting

In the first meeting we will get to know one another and we can outline our services and how we can best serve you in 15-20 minutes. If you decide to use us we will come back and meet your team to assess what we can do to assure your success.

Insurance Companies

If your Trucking Insurance is nearing Renewal, we can assist you in the process and provide you with the best Insurance Agents that are able to provide quotes from more than 25 insurance companies.

We will work directly with them for you, if you desire, to establish a Safety Management Plan (SMP) to show the Insurance Companies your plan to lower the risk of Crashes and Loss.

We will assist you in collecting all the data required and distributing to the agents of your choosing and help you analyze the quotes to find the best possible rates for your business.

We can lower the cost to have a Safety Management Team. Let us take care of your company while you enjoy the Peace of Mind and work on building your business. 

Company Policy

We can assess your Safety Manual and Company Policies and make suggestions or in the absence of a Manual or Policy we can create one for you. This is the crucial first step to avoid accidents and achieve DOT Compliance. Company policies and procedures establish the rules of conduct within an organization, outlining the responsibilities of the employer, employees, and contractors. Company policies and procedures are in place to protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers. Depending on the needs of the organization, various policies and procedures establish rules regarding employee conduct, attendance, dress code, privacy and other areas related to the terms and conditions of employment.
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From start to success, let's review the process together.

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